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Installation of low-voltage networks

Development of low-current networks and installation and SCS projects

Low-current networks are part of the engineering systems of buildings. Any cable network can be called a low-current cable, if the cables flow not power but information currents with a voltage of 12 V to 24 V and measured in milliamperes. The main requirements that are imposed on low-voltage networks are their high reliability, correct operation without errors of various kinds and failures, low cost in construction and operation, scalability. Thanks to the use of low-current systems, it is possible to ensure the quality of all types of communication and the functioning of computer networks. Depending on the purpose and scope of application, low-current systems can be divided into household and commercial systems. Currently, low-voltage networks provide an opportunity to provide and create:

Reception and distribution of terrestrial and satellite television
Access to the telephone network
Access to the global network
Access to the wire broadcasting network
Security and fire systems (fire and burglar alarms, video surveillance)
Warning and alarm systems
Structured cabling systems (SCS)
Access control systems for objects (gates, barriers, turnstiles)
Automated accounting and energy management systems (electricity meters, water meters, home automation)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Intercom system (PBX)

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