Продукция компании – KuWatt Mechatronics

Production of the company

Distribution busbar systems

The EAE E-Line distribution bus systems, thanks to their modular design, satisfy the various needs for power distribution in modern enterprises and buildings, both during the installation phase and during the operation of the system, ensuring the uninterrupted operation and power supply of all power consuming parts of the system at any point Objects when changing the location of existing and installing additional machinery and equipment.

Thanks to the isolated channels located inside the busbar trunking from sheet metal and aluminum, it is possible to safely and reliably lay the distributed electricity to the necessary points of consumption through special output blocks without the need to cut off the power supply.

The 'E-Line' busbar systems, whose compliance with international standards are confirmed by test protocols, provide the opportunity to expand, modify, transfer and reuse system modules. Thanks to the output boxes, installed in the necessary places along the route of the busbar trunking, a very simple, economical and safe power supply to the places of consumption is provided.

Cable trays

EAE cable trays are produced on automated serial production lines by profiling sheet materials on roll forming machines. The standard length of cable channels is 3 m. The production of cable channels of 6 m in length is possible on request.

Cable trays from the pre-galvanized sheet material of the E-Line UKS series can be produced up to 6 m in length thanks to the profiling method on the rolling machines. This reduces the need for additional section sets and bolts, and shortens installation time.

Products from pre-galvanized sheet material and galvanized by immersion are made on fully automated robotic systems using the latest technology.

Electrical installation solutions

Flexible and modular electrical installation products for lighting circuits and sockets (network and UPS) of offices and enterprises.


Flexible and aesthetic solutions for power distribution lines or structural cable laying (data transmission, telephone line, etc.) in office premises on top of the plaster at the level of the plinth or table. Provides safe and easy power consumption in any desired location without the need for an additional cable. With the help of brackets, the E-Line FL busbar system is easily installed on any structure and surface inside the premises. Can be used separately only for the installation of network and UPS outlets in the required places. The aesthetics of the special design of the network and UPS outlets with a red and blue front frame allows you to install the sockets in the desired location without the use of additional hand tools.


Table outlet blocks Elegant and practical solutions for business centers, offices, residential and work areas. Currently, ready-made electrosalt solutions are becoming increasingly popular, they are fully equipped with electrical (network / UPS), information, telephone and multimedia outlets, for use at the table, in meeting places and presentations. For this reason, the outlets of the Bureau, complete and / or able to be equipped with modular outlets, represent flexible, reliable, ergonomic, safe and aesthetic solutions that can be adapted to rapidly changing and ever-increasing needs to create comfort in the workplace or in living quarters.


With the development of technology today, the demand for power supply and data transmission is rapidly growing at every enterprise, workplace and in residential areas. For this reason, in the design of new buildings, flexible, modular and modern infrastructure systems are gaining enormous importance, which will meet ever-increasing and changing needs. The system offers flexible, modular, aesthetic and safe solutions with the ability to expand and supplement according to emerging needs in the future.


The E-Line DL busbar system is designed for use in three-phase and single-phase lighting circuits and sockets with a rated current of 25A, 32A or 40A in buildings and industrial facilities. The system is designed to provide power to the lighting circuits and outlets through the output connectors 10A / 16A (with and without a cartridge-type fuse) or output boxes 25A with a cartridge-type fuse or an automatic fuse.

Multifunctional boxes

Multi-functional boxes for the installation of various socket combinations and with a switch (distribution), complete and / or empty, for use in factories, construction sites, workshops and workplaces. Today, ready-to-use products are fully important, fully equipped with industrial-type sockets in accordance with the CEE standard. For this reason, "boxes with socket combinations" and "junction boxes with automatic circuit breaker", complete and / or able to be equipped with modular units, represent flexible, reliable, ergonomic, safe and aesthetic solutions that can be adapted to rapidly changing and constantly increasing needs depending on the person's preferences and needs for creating comfortable working and living conditions.

Trolley busbar systems

The E-Line TB and E-Line URC trolley busbar systems are designed to provide power to the moving machinery. The trolley of the current collector device, which provides power transmission from the busbar trunking to the mechanism, is connected to the moving system by a mechanical method and provides continuous power supply, moving together with the system.

The system of trolley busbar trunking consists of isolated tires and a trolley of a current-collecting device with brushes, eliminates the problems that arise in the classical power distribution systems based on suspension devices and a cable coil.

Suspended Systems

Suspended support systems of the E-Line A-A and E-Line Sismik series are designed as support systems for busbars, cable trays, cable ladders, etc. systems installed in buildings and industrial facilities over reinforced concrete or steel structures. Depending on the weight of the cable-carrying system, it is divided into an overhead support system for high and light loads.

Depending on the coating, the suspension systems are made by the method of preliminary galvanizing (26 mm thick), immersion and painted type. All the suspensions requiring welding during production are produced by galvanized immersion. In addition, depending on the needs of construction sites, it is possible to develop special suspension systems and hangers for mines.